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It is very easy to design and create fireplace or fire feature in interior or exterior if you are not restricted by vents, cables, gas lines or any kind of utility connection. With Bio Nova fireplaces you have perfect tool to create any fireplace design with remarkable simplicity and effectiveness. We are here to accommodate you with a solution for your fireplace design masterpiece.

You have a traditional wood or gas fireplace and you do not use it because it is too much trouble to service it (bringing wood, getting rid of aches, cleaning chimney…), you can, with Bio Nova fireplaces, get all the benefits from natural fire in your fireplace. It is just as easy as unwrap it, put it in your existing fireplace and enjoy it without all the hassle.

Decorating and furnishing your space with fire is very exciting. With Bio Nova fireplaces you can choose from decorative wall piece to stunning center piece adding warmth to your space in classic or modern way. They do not just look great they really heat thing up.

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