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"Bio Ethanol Fireplaces in Focus: How to Choose a Burner - Manual or Automatic"

BioNova, Beograd, February 28, 2023.

How do manual burners for bio ethanol fireplaces work?

The first bio ethanol fireplaces that appeared on the market over 20 years ago were fireplaces with incorporated manual burners. By “manual,” we mean that operations such as filling, lighting, and extinguishing are performed “manually,” without the use of electro-mechanical control systems.

Premium manual burners for bio ethanol fireplaces, tested and manufactured in accordance with current standards, provide the same level of safety as automatic ones, with the difference lying in the handling method. Since they do not require additional infrastructure, such as electrical connections in specific locations, they offer greater freedom in designing fireplaces for both interior and exterior applications.

How do automatic burners work?

Automatic burners use electronic and electro-mechanical systems in their operation. Therefore, connecting to a power source is necessary. Activation and shutdown are done using a remote control or a mobile app. Although they are much more convenient for operation compared to manual burners, they are often more expensive due to the presence of electro-mechanical systems.

Despite their advanced features, automatic burners are prone to malfunctions and require occasional servicing. Some models on the market are not even designed to operate in spaces with temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, which may raise questions about the practicality of having a fireplace.

BioNova burners, both manual and automatic, use the same combustion technology for ethanol vapors – EECT technology. They can operate in all conditions where it is possible to create a mixture of ethanol vapors and air, regardless of room temperature. The distinction between these two types of burners can be summarized by the control approach. In BioNova’s case, automatic burners go beyond the basic manual design by integrating an automatic control system. This integration not only simplifies the electronic and electro-mechanical components but also minimizes the risk of malfunctions.

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