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BioNova, Belgrade, February 27, 2023.

Bio ethanol fireplaces are an exceptional alternative to traditional fireplaces that use solid fuel or gas. This modern option provides the opportunity to enjoy real flames and authentic warmth without the need for a chimney, air supply, or specific installations, and it leaves no ash or smoke.

The essence of bio ethanol fireplaces consists of two key components: the burner and the firebox.

The burner is a certified serial product that enables controlled and safe combustion of ethanol vapors, following relevant norms and standards. The firebox, housing the burner, provides a secure environment that guarantees safe use. Following the established standards, bio ethanol fireplaces can be made from fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials, such as dry construction systems or steel.

With the increasing popularity of bio ethanol fireplaces, the market is filled with diverse products all bearing the same name – bio ethanol fireplace. This offering can generally be divided into two major and entirely different categories.

Group I: Premium Products

These products are certified bio ethanol fireplaces and burners produced according to DIN 4734-1 and EN 16647 standards. Standards sets essential conditions such as fuel consumption, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide emissions, as well as general safety requirements. Manufacturers of premium burners feature specific ethanol combustion technology. BioNova burners, operating on EECT (Evaporated Ethanol Combustion Technology), providing complete combustion without unpleasant odors and avoiding complex electromechanical systems prone to malfunctions.

Group II: Various Alternative Options

This category includes various ‘open-box’ inserts, stainless steel containers with lids, containers with stone wool or gravel, often originating from the Far East or home workshops. However, despite attractive prices, these alternatives pose a serious risk of emitting harmful gases and particles, as well as fire hazards and accidents.

We recommend thorough research and consideration of all characteristics before making a purchase. A device generating an open flame can pose a fire hazard and a serious health risk if not carefully designed and manufactured.

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