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BioNova by Nova Vizantija

Premium Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

An innovative and practical alternative to traditional fireplaces

We would like to introduce you to a modern fireplace solution, safe and easily fit into any environment.

Thanks to the clean combustion of ethanol, BioNova bio ethanol fireplaces do not require a chimney or connection to special infrastructure. Also, they do not require particular and complicated maintenance.  This provides flexibility in designing, simple installation and usage.

Focused on small-batch and custom production, we pay attention to each product, personalizing the design of bio ethanol fireplaces according to project requirements.

BioNova - EECT tehnologija

Bio Ethanol fireplaces consist of two components: the burner and the firebox

The BioNova burners for bioethanol fireplaces are certified products that meet norms and standards, ensuring controlled and safe combustion of ethanol vapors. Innovative EECT technology, developed over ten years, enables complete combustion of ethanol vapors, eliminates unpleasant odors, and provides warmth along with a rich visual experience of the flame.

Within the bioethanol fireplace firebox, where the burner is installed, a safe environment is created during fireplace use. Complying with regulations, fireboxes can be constructed using fire-resistant materials. BioNova steel fireboxes easily integrate into any environment, providing optimal conditions for the burner’s operation and ensuring maximum safety during the use of bioethanol fireplace.

Bio Ethanol Burners
Gorionik Line Burner L Automatic

line burner L - automatic

Automatic burner for an bio ethanol fireplace

BioNova Line Burner L

line burner l

Manual burner for a bio ethanol fireplace

Gorionik Box Burner L

box burner l

Manual burner for a bio ethanol fireplace

Gorionik Round Burner L

round burner L

Manual burner for outdoor bio ethanol fireplaces

BioNova izrada ložišta za bio kamin

Custom fireboxes and fireplace setups fabrication

We would like to offer you a unique opportunity to customize the dimensions of the bio ethanol fireplace steel firebox or setup according to your preferences. Following instructions on minimum measurements you may place an order for the fabrication of the firebox that will perfectly complement the design of your interior.

BioNova projektovanje bio kamina

Design and planning

If you've chosen to build a bioethanol fireplace in a dry construction system, we are in position to provide design and planning services. This allows us to work together in creating a bioethanol fireplace that seamlessly enhances the overall look of your interior or exterior, in compliance with current standards and based on positive experiences in bioethanol fireplace applications.

BioNova izgradnja bio kamina

Supervision and Facilitation in Construction

The success and quality of the executed works are based on expert guidance throughout the construction process. Our dedicated professional team is at your disposal to provide advice, while carefully overseeing the construction process to prevent any potential errors and future issues in the use of your bio ethanol fireplace.

BioNova servis gorionika za bio kamin

Service and Support

Our products come with a 2-year warranty. We are here to address your questions and meet your service needs. Furthermore, for our burner and fireplace customers, we offer the convenience of sourcing bio ethanol, the fuel for bio ethanol fireplaces."

Why to Choose the BioNova Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

Environmentally Friendly

Bio ethanol is crafted from diverse biomass, including corn, grains, and sugarcane, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable sourcing. Often integrated into the production processes of items like animal feed, this approach maximizes the use of renewable resources without occupying fertile land designated for other vital crops. The carbon dioxide emissions during bio ethanol combustion are significantly lower, up to 50%, compared to burning wood. Additionally, the emission of other harmful gases and particles in comparison to other fossil fuels is reduced, ranging from 19 to 48%. This makes bio ethanol an environmentally preferable choice compared to other fuels.


The fundamental byproducts of combusting ethanol vapors include water vapor, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. With no smoke production, the need for gas venting is eliminated, leading to the effective retention of heat within the room. Achieving an outstanding combustion efficiency of up to 98%, our burners emit 3.5 kW of thermal energy, aligning with the maximum permissible emissions as per industry standards.

In accordance with standards

Unlike many products on the market, our solutions are meticulously designed, manufactured, and certified according to the DIN 4734-1 standard. Furthermore, they fully comply with the current EN 16647 norm. These distinctive qualities categorize our products as premium, making them ideal for use in both residential and public spaces.

High Quality products

Our products are predominantly crafted from stainless steel using manufacturing technology developed based on a decade of experience. According to the results of the Initial Type Testing based on DIN 4734-1:2011-01, conducted by TUV Rheinland Energie und Umwelt GmbH, utilizing our manufacturing technology and EECT ethanol combustion technology We've successfully limited carbon monoxide emissions to a maximum of 4 ppm – comfortably below the allowed 30 ppm – and carbon dioxide emissions to 257 ppm, well under the permitted 5000 ppm threshold. These results demonstrate a high level of efficiency and safety in our products.

"No job is

Over the past decade, we’ve had the opportunity to undertake a significant number of projects, from residential interiors to the public spaces. Our bio ethanol fireplaces have demonstrated remarkable adaptability, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments – from sleek, minimalist homes to architecturally elaborate hotel complexes.

Would you like to experience the warmth of a fireplace and the charm of a natural flame effortlessly and securely?

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