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BioNova by Nova Vizantija

Bio ethanol fireplace – the result of a decade long journey of continuous development

BioNova ethanol fireplaces are the outcome of straightforward technical solutions derived from years of experience

Bio kamini BioNova - proizvodnja

Brend BioNova was formed in response to a series of demands from designers and architects, resulting in bio ethanol fireplaces that meet the need for a realistic, rich flame while avoiding the occurrence of unpleasant odors within the framework of norms and standards. Guided by the idea that “simplicity is better,” we have designed the technology of complete combustion of ethanol vapors – EECT (Evaporated Ethanol Combustion Technology), eliminating complicated systems prone to failure and frequent malfunctions.

All our products are created in Serbia, going through all stages, from engineering solutions to finished products. By applying the positive experience of a collaborative business strategy, our manufacturing process takes place in several small, narrowly specialized production units. This way, we maintain maximum production focus on each individual element.

The final segment of the production process takes place in our manufacturing unit, including final assembly, specific surface treatments and finishes, with quality control of each individual element.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, respecting the experiences and feedback from our users, and constantly keeping track of new trends and technologies in all fields where bio ethanol fireplaces can be found – from design to advanced automation systems.

Our product range is centered around two main elements. The first includes burners produced in small series, featuring a consistent design. These devices prioritize functionality and safety during use, strictly adhering to parameters defined by norms, standards, and positive experiences. The second element of our production involves fireboxes, setups, and fireplace configurations, providing us with an infinite range of shaping possibilities. Additionally, it allows us to apply various materials and finishing techniques. This results in the creation of unique products that meet the aesthetic and functional demands of our clients, ensuring a seamless and harmonious flow throughout the design process.

Focused on small-batch and custom production, we pay attention to each product, personalizing the design of bio ethanol fireplaces according to project requirements

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