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BioNova by Nova Vizantija


BioNova, Belgrade, February 28, 2023.

While not designed as a permanent heating source, bio ethanol fireplaces represent a significant source of thermal energy. With the ability to achieve thermal efficiency up to 98%, bio ethanol fireplaces offer not only the visual pleasure of real flames but also efficient space heating. What sets BioNova burners apart is the concept that they are not just interior decor but actual fireplaces that combine all the benefits of real flames.

One of the key advantages of bio ethanol fireplaces is the absence of smoke and no need for gas exhaust, allowing the retention of heat in the room, providing a visual spectacle with significant heat emission.

In accordance with the EN 16647 standard, BioNova burners achieve a heat output of 3.5KW – 4.5KW, comparable to a 12BTU air conditioner in heating mode. The maximum 3-liter tank volume allows intensive heating for approximately 6 hours. Experiences show that one BioNova burner is sufficient for quick and efficient heating a room of about 40 m2. Reaching the desired temperature is possible within 30 minutes, especially with the BioNova Box Burner series with flame intensity adjustment.

Given the impressive heat output, it is important to take the design and construction of fireplaces seriously, especially when integrated into flammable material environments. The use of steel fireboxes is recommended, and for those who want to design their fireplace independently, we offer a detailed guide covering all key elements for safe and functional construction.

Are bio fireplaces a safe and healthy alternative?

Safety and health are crucial considerations, and in this regard, premium bio ethanol fireplaces, designed in accordance with current standards, provide a high level of safety, are logical choice. The emission of harmful gases during ethanol combustion is significantly lower compared to wood combustion, while the emission of other harmful substances is reduced between 19% and 48% compared to fossil fuels. Test results confirm that BioNova EECT ethanol combustion technology achieves extremely low emissions of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. This is evidence of quality and complete combustion necessary to eliminate unpleasant odors, providing a warm ambiance and a rich visual experience of flames.

BioNova bio kamini - Beograd, Srbija

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